Whey vs. casein protein choose the best

whey vs caseinThere is a lot of debate going on between the choice of whey and casein. Which one are we to use? In order to find out which protein is healthy for your body, let’s have a look at the properties of both protein intakes.

What is whey?

Whey is also known as the milk serum or the milk remains after it has curdled and stained. It is used in commercial production of food items. Basically this is a by-product which means that it is obtained after the commercial manufacture of cottage cheese, cheddar, Swiss cheese etc. It is sometimes called the sour cheese due to acidity found in it.

What is casein?

This belongs to the family of phosphor proteins. Found in mammalian milk, this is a very important protein that helps provide commercial manufacturing of food. It can be used in manufacture of cheese, additive in foods and as a binder in the safety matches. Its constituents include amino acids, calcium, carbohydrates and phosphorous the best one is Optimum Nutrition Casein.

It is difficult to determine which protein form should be consumed for developing energy inside the body for exercising and other physical activities. Let us have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of whey and casein.

Advantages of both proteins

Casein contains calcium contents which help provide health and strength to the weakened bones of the body. It serves as anti-catabolic in the stomach. Since it takes time to digest, it helps the body retain and conserve strength it provides through the stomach.

Whey lets you absorb good fats in the food instantly and give strength to the body. It also increase synthesis of proteins and strengthens the immune system. Antioxidant activity in the body also increases which improves the overall working of the body.

Disadvantages of both proteins

Sometimes slow digestion is a positive thing, other times it is negative for people with stomach issues. When it slowly digests in the body, the amino acids do not reach blood and therefore do not act as the casein is supposed to. Some people develop gas related issues due to its slow digestion. It can cause bloating in people who are allergic to casein without knowledge. This is because this protein contains a high level of sodium.

If the body is reducing the amount of protein automatically, this protein does not help to regain the necessary level. Other than that, there are no particular disadvantages related to this protein.


If we have a look at the disadvantages of casein and whey, we can come to the conclusion that whey is a better option. On the other hand, the people who are suffering from protein decrease, whey will not prove helpful for them. Therefore, there remains a preference between whey and casein depending on the individual choices and needs. If a person has issues regarding sodium and sugar level in his blood, he cannot consume casein. If a person wants supplement proteins which increase the protein level in the body, he cannot take whey. There will always be a preference of some people deciding that whey is a better protein than casein and vice versa.

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